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BREAKING NEWS: Bookings soar at Hell Barn Cottages in Dorset after Tim Saunders' travel feature was published. "We've had a really busy summer," says owner Shige Takezoe.
Keen traveller Tim Saunders is a regular contributor to the Western Morning News among other titles. He was the Business and Motoring Editor at the Bournemouth Daily Echo for a number of years. Tim focuses on family friendly holidays and travels with his wife, Caroline, daughters, Harriett (5) and Heidi (3) and baby son, Henry.
How comfortable are the beds? You don't want a week of sleeping on a poor mattress!
Are there likely to be any other guests nearby and do they plan to hold any noisy parties? This could ruin your holiday.
Are there stairs? How safe are they for children or the elderly? Ask for photos – there can be some quite dangerous staircases about.
Ask for proof that the gas boiler has been regularly and recently serviced (especially important abroad).
Does the property meet any recognised safety standards?
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